Based upon your answers, it looks like...

You suffer from Blood Sugar Trigger #2.

The Body Attack Cortisol Trigger

I've analyzed your answers to the Blood Sugar Trigger Quiz and I've isolated what I believe to be your #1 Blood Sugar Trigger.

Now what comes next could be a big eye opener for you...

You see, most people never consider this trigger when they're thinking about how to keep their blood sugar levels under control.


"I was diagnosed as having diabetes type 2 over five years ago. Understanding my blood sugar trigger and following your advice has allowed me to now live a perfectly healthy life. I have regular checkups (blood and urine tests) with my GP and I still have completely normal blood sugar levels and my weight is OK."

And they don't realize how much this one trigger dramatically damages their health...

Now in your case, based on everything you've told me...

It looks like you suffer from Blood Sugar Trigger #2, which is what I call ...

The Body Attack Cortisol Trigger

Let me tell you a little bit more about what that means.

When you come under attack because of illness or disease, your body naturally releases cortisol.

That's because cortisol helps your body cope with the illness.

High cortisol levels in your system stimulate the release of glucose from your liver. And your immune system relies on this glucose to combat disease.

Okay, so far that all sounds pretty good. The immune system needs glucose and cortisol, which sends glucose to your immune system. Got it...

So what's the problem?

Well, the problem shows up when your illness goes unchecked for an extended period of time.

You see, when your cortisol levels are high all the time, your blood sugar levels are high all the time also. And that's not good...

But it gets worse than that!

Cortisol stops insulin from working... and without insulin... your body struggles to bring your blood sugar back down to normal...

So that's the bad news...

Here's the good news ...


Unlike some blood sugar triggers

Yours is something that you can actually DO something about...

And then, There are a couple of simple steps you can take to treat your trigger and these simple steps can help you protect your future health.


"I can have a reading of 59 when I am not taking insulin or glucophage.  I am very happy with these results. Thanks for taking the time to explain to me why my blood sugar spikes when it does and give practical advice on what to do about it. keep up the good work.  I’m sure normalizing my blood sugars is a great health benefit for me. "

Because you suffer from Blood Sugar Trigger #2... you must take a few easy steps to dramatically drop the number of days you're sick.

Here's a simple step!

Eat one orange a day!

You see, fruits and vegetables come packed full of illness-killing nutrients that give your immune system a real shot in the arm.

Did you know your white blood cells love using Vitamin C to fight off illnesses?

Yes, its true.

And did you know that your white blood cells can start absorbing glucose from your bloodstream, leaving no room for the much needed vitamin C? that’s also true!

This is why it's so important to get your cortisol levels down quickly. If you don't, your white blood cells will not have enough vitamin C to fight against even the common cold causing your blood sugar to spiral out of control.


"I began following your advice on balancing my blood sugar, and positive results were noticed immediately. During the first week with Reliable Life’s “Blood Sugar Support”, my daily insulin intake had been reduced from 140 total units to 45 units, and BG readings were better than they had even been, averaging under 100 throughout the day."

Something that also really helps a lot of people...

Something that also really helps a lot of people is a blood sugar balancer.

Now a blood sugar balancer is not medication. It's something that you can take daily without worrying about it. You just take it with a meal and you'll start to feel your blood sugar levels stabilize.

And over time, you'll find yourself...

Wanting to take a few more steps each day...

Playing outside just a little longer...

Laughing a bit more...

And writing down more and more positive words.

Wouldn't it be great to start your day with a bounce in your step and hope in your heart?

How would that change your life?


"I was diagnosed with type II diabetes.  BG levels ranged between 250 and 300.  This was quite a shock as there was no previous history of diabetes within my family. They placed me on the traditional high carbohydrate, low fat diet, with carbohydrates averaging 250 grams each day.  I was not willing to accept this way of life, and I began searching the internet for information and answers.  I was lucky and found your information about my blood sugar trigger. I can never thank you enough for giving me a new life and the ability to control my diabetes without needles or medication."

Well, I've seen time and time again. people's lives transformed by taking a little action, addressing their Blood Sugar Trigger and taking a blood sugar balancer.

Now you really have to watch out here...

Because there's a problem with most blood sugar balancers - they don't work!

Maybe you've even tried one before and found that it didn't work.

There's a good reason for that.

Most blood sugar balancers have one or more of the following problems:

  • They don't include the right ingredients
  • Or they use cheap ingredients
  • Or they get the dosage of those ingredients all wrong

Any one of these problems will make the blood sugar balancer useless.


3 things to look out for...

To avoid these problems, you want to make sure you look out for three things when you're choosing a blood sugar balancer...

1 First, make sure that the ingredients your blood sugar balancer contains are authentic herbal ingredients that can actually help control your blood sugar. This will prevent your blood sugar from spiking and crashing based on the effects of Trigger #2... The Body Attack Cortisol Trigger.

2. Second, make sure that it uses high-quality ingredients and that it is strictly inspected for quality. You see, many cheap products from China don't work because they simply use low-quality ingredients.

3. Finally, make sure your blood sugar balancer contains proven medicinal doses of these powerful ingredients. Mark my words", some products contain good ingredients, just not in high enough concentrations". Only when the dosage is right will you get the results you're looking for without having to wait days, weeks or even months.

However most people don't have access to anything like this...

Now the problem is that most people don't have access to anything like this that can help balance their blood sugar levels.

I know this first hand...

When my Mother in law was around, she was always struggling with her blood sugar levels.

One day her energy was up, the next day she would plummet into despair. I felt helpless watching her go through this. it seemed like there was no solution.

I spent months looking for a good blood sugar balancer that met all of these guidelines.

I read even the most difficult of scientific studies.

I spoke with top doctors from around the world.

I was willing to spend any amount of my money to help my Angel.

And yet, I couldn't find anything on the market that measured up. None of the blood sugar balancers worked. Now at the time, I didn't understand why they didn't work...

But as I raced against the clock, I was determined to find a solution. My angel was worth it. Because The love that she showed me, drove me to keep trying to find a solution.

But ultimately, time ran out... and I lost my sweet angel. In those dark days after she passed away, I was left to wonder, "What can I do to honor my mother in law's legacy?"

And how can I help others who have my same story?

You see, along the way, I ran into person after person who had my same story. They also struggled to find a solution... and they also failed.

Which brings me to the reason why I'm telling you all of this today.

After 3 years hard work I came up with a solution...

For the last three years since my mother in law left me I've been hard at work with my team and we've been developing something that's never existed before...

It's called Reliable Life’s “Blood Sugar Support”, and it's already helped thousands of people just like you.

You see, Reliable Life’s “Blood Sugar Support” is the only blood sugar balancer on the market that contains authentic, proven herbal ingredients.

Here is the multi-part Synergy of pure ingredients 

Secret Ingredient #1

Banaba Leaf (Ancient Asian Herb)

Banaba leaf is one of Asia's original Diabetes treatments. Despite its 'normal' look, the healing powers of Banaba are far from ordinary. Its properties in regulating blood sugar levels and reducing symptoms related to Diabetes leave modern doctors shocked.

The typical person can experience a 10-15% decrease in blood sugar levels within just 2 hours.

Secret Ingredient #2

Guggul Resin (Ancient Indian mountain herb)

Guggul has been used in the mountains of India for over 3,000 years. What most people don't know about this beautiful plant is that its one of the most potent pain relievers that diabetics can take.

Unlike many modern alternatives, Guggul packs the power, without the problems. It can help reduce inflammation and pain associated with diabetes and helps stabilise your levels.

Secret Ingredient #3

Bitter Melon (Triple Action Diabetes Fighter)

Bitter Melon features a triple fighting action for diabetes. It boasts high levels of charantin, which has been confirmed to have a blood glucose-lowering effect, vicine and an insulin-like compound known as polypeptide-p.

This trifecta of blood stabilizing properties make Bitter Melon one of the most powerful treatments for Diabetes on the market today and that's before it's combined with the other secret ingredients!


Secret Ingredient #4

Gymnema Sylvestre (Indian Forest Leaf)

Called 'the future of diabetes treatment', this 2,000-year-old Indian Forest leaf has powerful blood sugar regulating properties.

Plus it has also been observed that it reduces the taste and craving of sugar, thus dramatically lowering a person's intake.

Secret Ingredient #5

Mulberry Leaf (East Asian Diabetes Relief)

Mulberries have long been the #1 blood sugar support herb in Chinese medicine.

Across the sea, recent Japanese studies have revealed that the leaf of the Mulberry plant contains compounds that inhibit the enzymes responsible for sugar passing into the blood stream. This means that your levels won't shoot through the roof after a meal, and won't lead to a dangerous crash a short time later.

How These Powerful Ingredients Help Blood Sugar Trigger #2

The Body Attack Cortisol Trigger.

These natural ingredients reliably help reduce the effects of emotional stress and keep your blood sugar under control.

As Reliable Life’s “Blood Sugar Support” tested natural ingredients start to work in your body, your blood sugar levels stabilize. Take licorice for example...

Secret Ingredient #6

Licorice (Ancient Egyptian Herb)

Licorice has long been used to target imbalances caused by stress and adrenal fatigue.

And in diabetics, it helps prevent complications from long-term stress and poor blood sugar control.

Are You Ready to Say Hello To A New Level Of Blood Sugar Control?

No other blood sugar balance formula comes close.

When stress management isn't enough, Reliable Life’s “Blood Sugar Support” is a powerful weapon that combats cortisol dumps.

Its maximum strength, unique complex blend of 100% premium quality, medicinal level ingredients work quickly and safely to help keep your blood sugar levels in the healthy zone...

Endorsed by Doctors and recommended by women and men of all ages, it's an effective solution for those who suffer from The Emotionally Charged Cortisol Trigger.

You too can feel better with Reliable Life’s “Blood Sugar Support”!

These folks have...

I'd like to introduce you to Alicia, a Type 2 diabetic from Austin, Texas...

She'd tried all the medications, diet changes and home remedies, but nothing worked. So naturally, she was skeptical...

Here's her story:

And there's Richard Gordon from Denver, Colorado...

Who was experiencing a rise and fall in blood sugar levels throughout the day. But now he has sugar levels under control.. He needed results FAST and when he started taking Reliable Life's "Blood Sugar Support", his wife noticed the change immediately.

Here's how he got his blood sugar readings to normal within 6 weeks:

And Brenda from Los Angeles, struggled to control her type 2 diabetes for 7 years,

Before she finally discovered Reliable Life’s blood sugar support. And here’s how she regained the energy and confidence to do the things she loves...

Reliable Life’s “Blood Sugar Support” is THE high-quality blood sugar solution Doctors turn to...

Because it's manufactured in the USA and rigorously tested and inspected for superior quality, Reliable Life’s “Blood Sugar Support” is THE high-quality blood sugar solution doctors turn to...

Our Reliable Life’s blood sugar balancer is manufactured right here in the United States in an FDA-inspected, state-of-the-art facility that adheres to federal Current Good Manufacturing Processes, what they call the "GMP" for dietary supplements.

All of the ingredients that we bring into our lab are analyzed and guaranteed for purity. And we adhere to the United States Pharmacopeia requirements that all pharmaceutical and over-the-counter medicine companies abide by. This ensures that the potencies on the label are absolutely accurate.

This is your FIRST guarantee of quality.

Second, our ingredients are organic so you aren't ingesting any hidden toxic poisons from left-over sprays. This means you're getting a 100% natural product in a high-quality plant-based capsule that is suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

Your #1 blood sugar trigger makes you an ideal candidate...

Now based on your answers to our questionnaire, our analysis shows that your #1 blood sugar trigger makes you an ideal candidate for Reliable Life’s “Blood Sugar Support” and because you've made it this far, I know you must be serious about finally balancing your blood sugar and checking BACK INTO the life you deserve, I'm extending a special invitation to you.

You're invited to join our exclusive Reliable Life’s VIP Group today...

As a member of our Reliable Life’s VIP Group, you'll have the unique opportunity to test Reliable Life’s “Blood Sugar Support” completely risk free.

But, that's not what we've decided to do...

In addition, you'll receive multiple bottles of Reliable Life’s “Blood Sugar Support”, at steeply discounted prices unavailable to the public.

FREE Membership to the Reliable Life’s VIP Club which entitles you to:

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  • Ask Your Questions: Each week we will answer your questions.

Here's how you can join the Reliable Life’s VIP Group today...

To get started, scroll to the bottom of this page.

Select how many bottles you'd like me to send you...

Then fill in your shipping and payment information...

But, that's not what we've decided to do...When your supply of Reliable Life’s “Blood Sugar Support” arrives, I want you to use the entire bottle and if you're not 100% satisfied that Reliable Life’s “Blood Sugar Support” is right for you just return the empty bottle and I'll refund every penny of your money.

You're not risking a thing.

Scroll down now and choose how many bottles you'd like me to send you!

And because your results show that you're such an ideal candidate...

I want to extend an additional courtesy that the public doesn't have access to a special introductory discount that is good only for members of our Reliable Life’s VIP Group.

You see, because we use unique ingredients proven to help you balance your blood sugar and deliver those ingredients at the proper dose, Reliable Life’s “Blood Sugar Support” is far more costly to manufacture than other blood sugar balancers on the market today.

My doctors tell me I should be charging at least $89.95 for a 30-day supply, which is an absolute bargain because, as you can see, IT WORKS.

But, that's not what I've decided to do...

Because it's so important to me that you and anyone struggling to balance their blood sugar has access to this powerful formula, I'm going to make it as affordable as possible.

I understand how struggling to balance your blood sugar can drain your self-esteem, diminish your confidence and suck the joy out of life. And I don't want price to come between you and the happiness you deserve, because it simply doesn't have to be this way.

So what I'm going to do is allow you to try a 30-day supply for only $39.97 (which means a lower margin for us because these proven ingredients are so expensive). And since most people choose to use this formula for several months, we're going to make it even more affordable by allowing you to order a 90-day supply for only $89.97 (saving you $29.94). And for those of you who are truly committed to having your blood sugar balanced and keeping it there, you can get a 120-day supply for only $119.97 (saving you $119.97).

You'll see your special VIP price reduction listed below.

This steep discount isn't available to the public and this is the only time you'll have access to it.

Let me remove all doubts from your mind...

Either Reliable Life’s “Blood Sugar Support” works for you or you don't have to pay for it...

Your results and satisfaction are guaranteed!

You should know that Reliable Life is not about sensationalism. As you can tell, I've not been sitting here parading a bunch of phony testimonials, like so many other companies do. Every testimonial you've seen is sincere feedback from a certified paying customer.

I wanted to focus on what's stopping you from balancing your blood sugar and the scientific proof of how our unique ingredients are a breakthrough in fixing your  blood sugar trigger.

But, in the meantime, I want you to know that we are big sticklers about making sure that people are happy, and that they get the results that they're expecting. So we're protecting you with the Reliable Life’s unconditional 365-day "You Will Balance Your Blood Sugar" money-back guarantee.

Simply use Reliable Life’s “Blood Sugar Support” as directed on the bottle. And if in the unlikely event you aren't a strong supporter, simply return the bottle - even if its empty- and we'll give you a prompt and courteous refund of every cent you paid.


"As a type two diabetic for 8 years, I was out of control, taking the maximum doses of orals, exercising like a fiend, following the American Diabetes Association’s recommended diet, yet still getting worse and worse. Eventually, I had to start insulin. Ultimately gained 45 pounds within a little more than 2 months after starting insulin. I was going crazy. Literally mad with the frustration. One day I was reading something which spoke to my blood sugar spikes, for the first time, I felt that things were making some sense. I read all I could online, and immediately ordered the Reliable Life’s “Blood Sugar Support”. In the first week following your advice, I lost 9 pounds, reduced my insulin by half. Now, 9 months later, I’ve lost 52 pounds and take almost NO insulin!"

Don't Spend Another Day Suffering... Order Reliable Life’s “Blood Sugar Support” today!

You simply have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

So here are your...

Next steps...

First, ask yourself why you might want to fix YOUR #1 blood sugar trigger. Think about it, YOUR reasons are the best reasons.

Then imagine what it will be like when you finally have your blood sugar under control. What does it feel like?

Then ask yourself why this is important.


"I would like to report to you the great success I have had with my Type II diabetes, due primarily to your advice and taking Reliable Life’s “Blood Sugar Support”. I never dreamed I would be able to eat so little, and be satisfied."

Let me wrap this up by asking you a question...

First, let me tell you what you're looking at here. According to the New York Times, the average life expectancy of an American right now is around 78 years of age.

However, on 6 January 2015 the Journal of the American Medical Association published a paper showing people with diabetes who did not manage their blood sugar balance live 11-13 years less than the national average. I've highlighted the danger years in red on the grid.

The good news is that another study in the same issue showed that keeping your blood sugar balanced and within the normal range can add back years.

So my question to you is this...

How many more X's are you going to fill in the boxes of your life... and how many more will you lose before you decide to take control, keep your blood sugar within the normal range and start living the life you deserve?

I suspect that you have already hit that wall yourself, where you're saying enough is enough, and now is the time.

Could now be the time to "take control" of your blood sugar and your life? Imagine being vibrant, full of energy, feeling great, able to work and play as you wish, living life to the fullest again. This could be your chance.


"Reliable Life’s “Blood Sugar Support” is truly the solution to blood sugar balancing, and is the best thing next to a solution as a treatment for this destructive disease. It helped me in both a huge reduction in the number of hypoglycemic and hyperglycemic episodes and a dramatic decrease in the overall insulin dose, while also normalizing blood sugar readings. In fact, my hemoglobin AiC numbers are consistently in the low end of the normal range (from 4.4 to 5.2, with the normal range from 4.2 to 6.5). "

I trust that by me sharing this information, and making Reliable Life’s “Blood Sugar Support” available to you, that you'll decide to take action now and start living in the body of your dreams. It really is up to you.

Remember, here is everything you'll get when you choose to try Reliable Life’s “Blood Sugar Support” completely risk-free:

  • 1. Reliable Life’s “Blood Sugar Support” multi-part Synergy of ingredients, each proven to help keep your blood sugar within the normal range, naturally and without harmful stimulants
  • 2. Additional, natural but powerful ingredients specifically designed to help you fix your #1 blood sugar trigger.
  • 3. Reduced food cravings helping you to enjoy your life between meals more than ever before.
  • 4. Reduced appetite so that your find yourself full, eating less and losing weight.
  • 5. FREE Membership to the Reliable Life’s VIP Club which entitles you to:
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All of this is backed up by my no-risk, 60-day, "You Must Be Thrilled!" money-back guarantee.

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