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Led by co-founders George Fontanella and Caroline Dunn, Life Blend Nutrition is the premium, natural nutrition brand committed to excellence, integrity, and giving back.

These core values shape LifeBlend’s commitment to offering you products that are of the highest quality, purity, potency, and effectiveness. What’s more, these values reflect LifeBlend’s untiring dedication to each and everyone of our customers. Our team is one carefully crafted of hard-working members who pledge an allegiance to doing everything the right way with compassion, kindness, and honesty.

George Fontanella started LifeBlend's Blood Sugar Support Formula because his uncle died of Diabetes complications at the age of 45, leaving behind his wife alone with 3 small boys to be raised without their father. He wanted to develop a natural solution that helps balance blood sugar so that other families don't have to go through what his family had to go through when his uncle died. George Fontanella is on a mission to help type 2 Diabetics in America balance their blood glucose through nutrition.

Just like our satisfied subscribers all around the world, LifeBlend is dedicated to helping you achieve your health and fitness goals by way of our premium supplements made with natural ingredients, our informative newsletters and reports, and our online community staffed with expert nutrition and exercise coaches.


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